A Link Aggregation Social Network in the Fediverse.

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Contributing to Sublinks


Thank you for considering contributing to Sublinks. We welcome contributions from everyone and are grateful for every contribution made to the project, whether it’s a bug report, a fix, a documentation improvement, or a new feature.

Code of Conduct

Our project adheres to a Code of Conduct that we expect everyone to follow when interacting with the project and its community. Please read the full text so that you can understand what actions will and will not be tolerated.

How to Contribute

  1. Fork the Repository: Create a personal fork of the project on GitHub.
  2. Clone the Fork: Clone your fork to your local machine.
  3. Create a New Branch: Create a new branch and switch to it.
  4. Make Your Changes: Make the necessary changes to the project files.
  5. Commit Your Changes: Commit your changes with a clear and descriptive commit message.
  6. Push to the Branch: Push your changes to your fork on GitHub. 7 Submit a Pull Request: Open a pull request from your fork to the original repository with a clear title and description.

Reporting Bugs

We use GitHub issues to track public bugs. Report a bug by opening a new issue; it’s that easy!

Write Bug Reports With Detail, Background, and Sample Code

Great Bug Reports tend to have:

People love thorough bug reports.

Feature Requests

Feature requests are welcome. But take a moment to find out whether your idea fits with the scope and aims of the project. It’s up to you to make a strong case to convince the project’s developers of the merits of this feature. Please provide as much detail and context as possible.

Pull Request Guidelines

Before you submit a pull request, check that it meets these guidelines:

  1. The pull request should include tests that cover the new code.
  2. If the pull request adds functionality, the docs should be updated as part of the same PR.
  3. The pull request should work for the supported versions of [relevant technology, e.g., Java, Spring Boot, etc.]. Check project README.md and other relevant documents for more information.
  4. The pull request should pass all the CI tests.

Style Guide / Coding Conventions

Sublinks adheres to a set of coding conventions. These are detailed in the style guide.

Final Words

Thank you for taking the time to contribute! Every contribution helps make Sublinksbetter and we value your effort.